Sometimes sulking works

Yesterday I discovered my partner who I shall now refer to as the unenthusiastic gardener has been secretly (to my horror) buying factory chicken. Although I have a mostly vegetarian diet, my meats of choice are kangaroo and free range chicken. I do plan on eventually becoming completely vegetarian but I believe meat is an addiction that is difficult to kick.

Anyway, back to the factory chicken. This turned into quite an argument. The argument ended with him saying “Well it’s way cheaper and I’m going to buy it” (I wanted to make a cheep-er pun but that’s a little twisted) and me saying “Well that’s gross and see ya” and then bursting into tears. I slammed our bedroom door and spent four hours sulking. After the four hours he came in and said “Ok I wont buy it anymore” and I said “Good” and we hugged and all was forgiven. We will eventually rescue some battery hens so karma might cancel out his mistake. Anyone wanting to adopt a battery hen around South East Queensland should go here

I have no gardening news. I watered the plants and left them be today.

XX Brooke.

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