Winter is nature’s way of saying, “Up yours.”

It’s so cold! What is going on here? I live in Qld for criminy’s sake! 6.5 degrees? Blah. In spite of the cold I did do some work in the garden today. Along the border of my property is an ugly garden bed full of what  I think are called Moses basket because the flowers look like little baskets. I don’t like the plant. So I pulled them out. Then I forked in some compost and well-rotted horse manure and planted out my green mignonette lettuces and fordhook giant silverbeet. I was thinking about getting the rainbow ones but I have so many silverbeet seedlings (maybe 30) that I think it would be silly… or maybe not. You can freeze it. But my freezer is tiny. I will also plant my grosse lisse tomatoes here and my black beauty eggplants and a bunch of other stuff that needs to go in the ground or die.

Anyway here are some pictures of some of the stuff growing right now.

Watercress. So easy to grow and so good for you. Mine are growing happily in a container in the shade. No need for running water.

Broadbeans also growing happily in the shade. I have never tried these before so I cant wait to harvest them.

Snow peas or mange toute. I don’t know if mine are growing really slowly or if I am impatient because I love them so much.

Celery – another happy shade dweller.

Row of bok choy. Why are the leaves going funny?

Popping corn. Can I eat it like normal corn or do I have to dry it and pop it? How do I do that?

Radishes – The Unenthusiastic Gardener’s favourite.

I don’t know if this is button squash or Lebanese zucchini. I’ll find out soon as they have many little flower buds on them.

And finally the beautiful marigolds growing in half 2l coke bottles. Upcycling!

That’s just a few bits and pieces from my garden.

XX Brooke

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