I’m still here

I know, I know. I’ve been so busy with work and things that I haven’t had the time. I’ve also applied to go to university next year to do my Bachelor of Nursing and have been looking into doing Cert III in horticulture because obviously nursing and horticulture go hand in hand.  I have had the time to continue my endeavours in the garden, however and much is happening.

I am harvesting salad leaves daily, mostly mignonette lettuce, sorrel, young broad bean leaves (yum!), watercress, radicchio and a bit of mint and spring onions and basil.

I have also been able to harvest several zucchini, three eggplants and plenty of tomatoes and by the looks of things there are plenty more to come.  The broad beans are absolutely dripping with inch long beans and I can’t wait to harvest them in a few weeks.

I planted two raspberry canes about a month back and they have already started to produce flowers.

The purple congo potatoes in grow bags are big and bushy and healthy. They actually make a rather attractive container plant in my opinion.

I am really quite impressed with everything growing as my garden is very sunlight starved due to four large conifers in my front garden, and about 10 in my back garden. Then there is the enormous gum tree that towers above everything. I will do a post on the different produce I’ve grown, the amount of full sun they get (if any) a day, and how well they’ve produced if anyone is interested.

Until then, there is much to do in the garden and I can hear nature calling me. Happy gardening.

XX Brookie

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