About Me

Hello everyone. Welcome to my blog.

My name is Brooke and I’m an AIN in an aged care facility on the Sunshine Coast.

My long term goal is to one day run a small organic farm with my partner and live entirely off the fruit, vegetables, meat, milk and eggs we raise ourselves.

I first became interested in gardening as a child when my mother decided to turn our boring suburban lawn into a paradise of flower beds, tropical plants, palm trees, random herbs and two small ponds. I would spend hours in the garden, fascinated by every leaf, branch, flower, insect, lizard and bird.

I’m still learning, experimenting and struggling to abide by the seasons, mostly to my own detriment. I am enjoying my successes, learning from my failures and loving every moment I spend in the garden.

2 responses to “About Me

  1. Hi Brooke,
    I’ve just had a read of your blog, looks great. I’ll be interested to follow your journey and see what you succeed with in your garden. I must say I’m totally jealous of what you’re able to plant at this time of year in Qld. We’re rather restricted down here in the south. In my attempt to find some suitable winter veg I’ve just planted turnip seeds – I don’t even know what you do with turnips, but I guess I’ll find out.
    I love you’re idea of raising the seeds in your bedroom. I don’t get any sun in my bedroom, but have a lovely bright, warm and sunny family room. Though with an exuberant two year old and an equally exuberant dog I think I’m going to struggle to keep the seedlings safe.
    Anyway, I’ll keep an eye on what you’re up to, good luck.

    • Hello to you!
      Thanks for reading my blog. I’ll be quite interested to see what I succeed with too. The weather has suddenly turned pretty cold (for me) and I might have to start gardening properly.
      I have only had those rather flacid turnips from the grocery store which are so gross that I haven’t ever tried to grow them but I think I will give them a go soon. If I still hate them I’ll just have to give them away.
      Speaking of exuberant dogs, in an attempt to get my partner into growing things I bought him some alfalfa seeds to grow.. instant results and all. He went to the store and came home to find our labrador had eaten all the alfalfa. I think it’s a sign. Anyway, I love reading your blog and hope to see more from you soon!
      XX Brooke

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