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Planting out potatoes

As you may have guessed, I planted out some potatoes today. It’s not the right time to plant potatoes but I wanted to plant them so that is what I did. Some may find me ridiculous for never paying attention to seasons but they are pretentious and should go away. It’s not the end of the world if nothing happens. I am not sure how long they need to be chitted but I gave them three weeks. I did some research and apparently it’s not necessary to do so, anyway.

I have planted these in an area where there is dappled sunlight all day. I am also going to plant purple congoes in hessian sacks in full sun because I have read that they can be invasive in the ground and I am not keen on a potato invasion.

In other news I potted up a large amount of basil seedlings (yes I know they are out of season but they grow brilliantly here so hush) and planted out my brussels sprouts seedlings in the garden. That’s all, folks.

XX Brooke