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Planting out potatoes

As you may have guessed, I planted out some potatoes today. It’s not the right time to plant potatoes but I wanted to plant them so that is what I did. Some may find me ridiculous for never paying attention to seasons but they are pretentious and should go away. It’s not the end of the world if nothing happens. I am not sure how long they need to be chitted but I gave them three weeks. I did some research and apparently it’s not necessary to do so, anyway.

I have planted these in an area where there is dappled sunlight all day. I am also going to plant purple congoes in hessian sacks in full sun because I have read that they can be invasive in the ground and I am not keen on a potato invasion.

In other news I potted up a large amount of basil seedlings (yes I know they are out of season but they grow brilliantly here so hush) and planted out my brussels sprouts seedlings in the garden. That’s all, folks.

XX Brooke


Every single plant in bloom. I wasn’t expecting it. I thought they were a summer fruit.. or a spring fruit. Or something. Not winter.

Planted out my beetroots today. I don’t know if they’ll work out.

XX Brooke

Winter is nature’s way of saying, “Up yours.”

It’s so cold! What is going on here? I live in Qld for criminy’s sake! 6.5 degrees? Blah. In spite of the cold I did do some work in the garden today. Along the border of my property is an ugly garden bed full of what  I think are called Moses basket because the flowers look like little baskets. I don’t like the plant. So I pulled them out. Then I forked in some compost and well-rotted horse manure and planted out my green mignonette lettuces and fordhook giant silverbeet. I was thinking about getting the rainbow ones but I have so many silverbeet seedlings (maybe 30) that I think it would be silly… or maybe not. You can freeze it. But my freezer is tiny. I will also plant my grosse lisse tomatoes here and my black beauty eggplants and a bunch of other stuff that needs to go in the ground or die.

Anyway here are some pictures of some of the stuff growing right now.

Watercress. So easy to grow and so good for you. Mine are growing happily in a container in the shade. No need for running water.

Broadbeans also growing happily in the shade. I have never tried these before so I cant wait to harvest them.

Snow peas or mange toute. I don’t know if mine are growing really slowly or if I am impatient because I love them so much.

Celery – another happy shade dweller.

Row of bok choy. Why are the leaves going funny?

Popping corn. Can I eat it like normal corn or do I have to dry it and pop it? How do I do that?

Radishes – The Unenthusiastic Gardener’s favourite.

I don’t know if this is button squash or Lebanese zucchini. I’ll find out soon as they have many little flower buds on them.

And finally the beautiful marigolds growing in half 2l coke bottles. Upcycling!

That’s just a few bits and pieces from my garden.

XX Brooke

Garden update

The seeds that I planted on May 19 are coming along nicely. Silverbeet, lettuce, beetroots and tomatoes are a bit leggy. Not too bothered by the silverbeet and lettuce since I’ll just plant them deeper when I put them in the garden, and I kind of like the tomatoes having a long stalk because I can plant them deeper and the stalk will develop more roots, making a stronger plant. That’s my excuse, anyway. I am kind of concerned about the beetroots, though, as I’m not sure if they will develop properly. We’ll see what happens.

Every single plant that had powdery mildew has completely recovered. There is not a sign of mildew or any damage, so this is fabulous.  The tomatoes haven’t completely recovered from the blight but I didn’t really expect them to. They are still growing and producing fruit, and they aren’t getting any worse so I think I may aswell continue to remove badly damaged foliage and spray the plants once a week. There’s no point ripping them out.

The carrot seeds I planted about 3 weeks ago have finally germinated. Lucky for them, too, since I was close to emptying the container and starting from scratch.

I planted some more seeds today, aswell. More broad beans (my first ones have got their first flowers), purple king beans, blue lake beans and rattlesnake beans, strawberry temptation, beam’s yellow pear tomatoes, sweet corn, fennel and some other stuff I cant remember.

Cut worms ate about 80 percent of my capsicums and chillies. I still have about 5 of each so I guess it’s ok. Sort of disheartening that 2 months of love and care can be destroyed in one night by something smaller than my finger, but that’s gardening I suppose.

I shall perservere.

XX Brooke