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Spring Clean Failures

I bought my chickens about a month ago and they have been a marvellous addition to my suburban farm. They’re inquisitive, endearing and hilarious personalities make me smile and laugh every day.

The problem is I didn’t realise how smelly four chickens could be. I knew they’d smell a little bit… nothing a quick brush out of their run and coop once a week couldn’t control, right? Wrong! So I had the brilliant idea to give their run a hose, thinking the poop would sink into the ground and disappear. Big mistake… I just managed to increase the smell 10 fold. A quick bit of research on Google led me to the knowledge that water only makes the smell worse.

So, tonight I decided I would use compost from my giant compost heap to spread over the bottom of the chicken run. I couldn’t cover the whole area due to the wheelbarrow breaking in half, so now all I have is a barrow, but I covered about 80 percent and the smell has almost vanished. If anyone could give me some suggestions for a long term solution to my odour issues with minimal effort, that would be greatly appreciated.

XX Brooke